Thursday, May 1, 2008


Between going to the gym, working, Nicholas's soccer games, and babysitting there isn't much time for anything else. I rarely even get on the computer any more and if I do, it is to read posts, not respond!

I am glad that I am working and getting out of the house, I have made so many new friends and really feel welcomed but do all my work days have to be lumped together? Sheesh!

I have found a new love, the gym. I think I spend more time there than I do with my human husband. I feel awesome when I am finished and have become quite addicted to going. I really start to feel irritated on the weekends when I don't go! I am really proud of myself, I can usually come up with some reason why I shouldn't go but I have definitely made an effort to get my butt there Monday through Friday!

Nicholas is doing awesome at soccer. It is amazing to see how much better his team is playing this season than they did in the fall. They've won 2 of four games and have already scored 10 goals total, much better than the 2 goals and one game they won in the fall! It is awesome to see the team actually working together and communicating!

I suppose that is it for now, I have a kitchen to sweep and mop and some clothes to iron before I am off to work!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Back in the Saddle!

In the weight loss saddle that is.

Some how I lost my way but I am definitely getting back on track. I have been working out a minimum of three days a week through it all but my food and water have gone way off course. I am now back to working out five days a week and am starting to track my food again. I NEED to do this for ME. I have been stuck at the same weight for WEEKS now and it is driving me batty!

On a side note, the weather is ABSOLUTELY beautiful and I am SO glad that the kids and I can finally start enjoying some time outdoors!!

Thursday, April 3, 2008


I've finally settled into a routine at work and it is going really well. I love 99% of the people I work with and have tons of fun!

So, I joined a gym! I went for the first time yesterday and made it about 35 minutes before JoJo freaked out - not too bad! Today, I got a full hour in! Woohoo!

I don't know what it is about the gym that makes me push myself harder. Maybe that I feel like I have to "keep up" with everyone else there? Who knows but I think joining the gym is what I needed to force myself to do more than just my regular 30 minute walk at home.

I WILL lose weight and Todd and I WILL run - not walk - the 10K at the Detroit Marathon this year!!!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

It's been a week...

...and not much has changed! I've finished my training and am FINALLY making money. Now if they would just give me more than two tables! I was B-O-R-E-D to tears today, I am sure the other servers were more than appreciative since I ran all their food!

I am back at working out, it feels good. Now I just need to start counting calories again so I can shed these extra pounds. 10K at the Detroit Marathon this October anyone? It will give me something to work towards!

I DID get a haircut, it looks super sassy. It was something totally out of my comfort zone since I have worn my hair one of two ways for the past ten years. Although I was extremely nervous, I am totally in love with my reverse bob! I would love to take a picture but my old camera won't take the new fandangled memory cards and I have to buy a new camera. *sigh* I had to use a (gasp) disposable camera for Weena's birthday and Easter...

What to do, what to do? I HAVE narrowed down our list of cameras to three and now we need to decide which one to get.

Friday, March 21, 2008

It all works out in the end...

Why IS it that I worry so danged much? About EVERY thing?

It all worked out in the end.

I am a working girl (all legal, I promise), I work where I WANT to work, I AM getting time off at Christmas, and I AM still able to babysit for a wonderful little boy at least one day a week. People DO have hearts and ARE willing to work with you if you just ask.

I am happy and life is good.

I WILL be SUPER busy for the next couple of days. Weena's 4th birthday is tomorrow and I believe her choice is lunch at Red Robin and the afternoon at Chuck E. Cheese, I tried really, really, REALLY hard to convince her Libby Lu was the place to go. Alas, she won out. It IS her birthday after all...

Sunday, we have Easter brunch with my husband's side of the family. We shall see how that goes.

So until I post again, buh-bye!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Nervous breakdown anyone?

It all started Thursday well, the exhaustion started way before that.

Oh what a day that Thursday was. I had five kids, four of which were three an under for the majority of the day. The best part, packing them ALL up in four carseats to get child number six from school. Phew! The day was tiresome but fun. All of the kids played fabulously together and I don't think I could have asked for better behavior from any of them!

Then Friday. Job interview 9,617 (not really, only number 4. One job I turned down, one turned me down and the other has yet to make a decision) - you're hired (we'll call it restaurant A since I decided that I was NOT going to go back to work full time). Sweet! But wait...people are calling 24/7 now to interview me, do I really want this job? Sure. But what about my scheduled job interview on Monday? I'll go anyway.

Friday was also the day that my emotional sh!t hit the fan. I read something, it really really hurt my feelings. Why? I don't know, I probably took it a little harder than I should have but it stung like 100 wasps. So what do I do? I quit my mom's message board, makes a lot of sense, right? The amount of people that are able to get ahold of me outside of the message board and the people that attempted to get a hold of me just validated my feelings that maybe I really don't belong. Depression sets in....*sigh*

The weekend. ALL three children were sick, puking sick. That is all I have to say about that.

Which brings us to St. Patty's Day. My son is still puking, great. Next up! I started training at Restaurant A, it went well, could have been a little more welcoming than it was but not bad. Then my brain starts thinking, do I really want to give up watching the little boy that I have watched for over six months now? The little boy is so well behaved, my son adores, and who talks to me about the girls kissing him at school? Later on I am thinking and thinking about money, friends, jobs, babysitting a particular little boy and rear end somebody on the way to my job interview. Just flippin' great. No damage to the other person's car, thank goodness, but they had this nice little thing called a trailer hitch. Boy is my husband going to be peeved when he sees that. Anyway, job interview goes great, they want to hire me and I don't have to quit babysitting!!

So it all comes down to today. I completed orientation and Day 1 training at Restaurant A (only to come home to my dog LOCKED in the bathroom and finding out that he ATE, yes ATE ANOTHER door!). I really need to make a decision on if I want to continue there or go on to Restaurant B. But what to do?

Restaurant A will definitely make me more money (thinking with my brain) but Restaurant B will allow me to continue to babysit AND I have the added bonus of previously working there and knowing fellow coworkers (thinking with my heart).

What do I do in all of this mess? Where do I work? Do I go back to my message board? Do I say screw my bumper and leave it cracked for awhile as a visual reminder that RED lights do NOT mean GO?

Isn't it great to be me?

Over and out.

First things first.

This is my first blog, how'd ya guess?
A lot of friends have them so why not hop on the bandwagon? It isn't like they are all jumping off of a bridge or anything......